Friday, 16 November 2012

Words from the The Bishops, Bethany and the rapper!

On Wednesday evening the Bishop of Woolwich, Michael Ipgrave and his wife Julia attended the Feast. It was a delight to have them with us for the evening. We also had a visit from Paul who works at Bethany, a Christian project that now impressively helps vulnerable and needy people from across Scotland. Do look at  The third (wise) man was Claude aka Gems. Gems provided the 'words' in the middle of the Feast.
Earlier on wednesday evening I had been at the Grand opening of Prendergast Vale school in Lewisham where the Bishop of London was one of the speakers. 
So this weeks Feast was particulaly busy with well over 100 people! No surprise that it was not a quiet night, infact the fighting, both verbally and physically, started before the meeting began.  But words do really matter, so let me leave it to the wise men to tell them.
The Bishop of London said, "Happiness is not dependant on knowledge, it depends on loving and being loved!"
Michael Ipgrave said about the Feast "It was an immensely impressive experience, to see how many people you are caring for through the Feast, and also to recognise the many ways in which you are encouraging them to take back responsibility and to move forward with their lives."
Paul from Bethany Christian Trust visited the Feast after waking at 4.30am in Edinburgh to fly to London for a full day's conference.  He said that he was delighted to find himself in Catford because being at the Feast was about real life! -
Gems, performed brilliantly, with words that reflected the grit and reality of lives but also the hope that is found in God.  He finished by describing that God calls us with a simple invitation.