Saturday, 30 October 2010

The Allen's new house - fox hunting in the city!

I have had a couple of days off this week which has given me the chance to familiarise myself with my new house - actually our rented new house, which is the wonderful opportunity given by a friend of ours to live in his lovely house for many years. We moved in about a month ago. During this week we have had lots of visitors to stay, so far 6 adults and 10 children - although not all at the same time! Although we did have at least 22 children at the same time last Saturday afternoon as our oldest 2 children had a house warming party. It was the noisiest thing that will ever happen in this house!

But one mystery I had to solve this week was how fresh animal poop was appearing in the shed at the bottom of the garden. At least I really hoped it was animal!

So yesterday I took everything out and found the hole at the back of the shed where the foxes were entering what they obviously considered to be their toilet! Thankfully there is enough wood inside the shed to build another shed and so with my limited DIY skills even I was able to stop the animal invasion. I was very pleased with my efforts or at least I will be if I don't walk into the shed today and smell the foul odour of more fox poop.

Having said that I will probably experience the foul smell on someones shoe today. The foxes use our front door step as their other toilet as i found out in the dark yesterday morning, well actually I found out much later in the morning but when I trod in it, it was still dark!

Which all proves that the fox needs a natural predator and I have come to conclusion that the humans need to show some backbone and resist these evil creatures.

Obviously cute baby foxes tumbling and playing in the garden are exempt from the slaughter!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

"more of a home"

The Wednesday following our recent flat cleaning, the father stood up at the Feast and said Thank you for the help clearing his flat.

"My flat used to be a squat, now you have made it more of a home!"

There is more to be done and I am planning a return visit to keep some momentum with the family. If you would like to join a flat clearing session, please let me know.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Lionhearts first ever league game

This season I am coaching the Lewisham Lionhearts under 14s team. This is the first time Lionhearts have had an under 14s team hence the 1st ever league game. I had 20 players there on Saturday, which if you have ever coached football presents a huge challenge. They only had 10 players so we loaned them 2 players and therefore everyone got on the pitch for at least a few minutes. We held our own for 3/4 of the game until we faded, both physically and mentally. I was very impressed by our players but the players will be more aware now of the need to train, both skills and fitness. As a coach it was demanding to negotiate so many player with all their own expectations. But it was still great fun, I love it. By the way the end result was 10-2. Please say it quickly and quietly!

Friday, 22 October 2010

The Feast Video

The video is now on You tube - I hope you enjoy it.

The video will also be on the Caring Christmas Trees website. Have a look, show your friends.
Caring Christmas Trees website.

My highlights are the noise when we open the doors, Julie's talk, Kenny's dancing and Delores "Wotcha want to know?", Deano's list of what you can get from the Feast and Yvonne's worship. My lowlight is the voice over, I'll get someone different next time!


Thursday, 21 October 2010

Caring Christmas Trees website is live!

Yes you read it correctly - we are selling Christmas Trees in October. But as I write this there is a fab frost on the rooftops and lots of ice in my garden. It makes me feel Christmassy!

Please go to for all the information. Buy your Christmas tree online, you can do it today! Via the website you can tell your friends or volunteer to help distribute Trees. Prices for 4ft, 5ft and 6ft are the same as last year! There is an increase in the 7ft and 8ft trees.

There are a number of new features for SE London 2010!

1. We have a new site in beckenham!
2. We are offering delivery for customers, at a very competitive rate of £5.95 for individual customers.
3. We are also selling business trees to schools, churches and offices. These are being distributed on the 29th, 30th Nov and 1st Dec! The prices include delivery 4ft £38, 5ft £43, 6ft £48, 7ft £57 and 8ft £68
4. We are selling Nordman's (the UK's favourite Christmas Tree) rather than Fraser Firs. Frasers only grow at higher altitude so are not suited to Southern England where we are getting our trees from.
5. We are getting trees supplied from an award winning tree supplier with trees grown in Kent and Surrey rather than Scotland. Therefore we are reducing the distance the trees are transported.

Job Vacancies at the Passage

Housing Justice is pleased to advertise these two jobs based at The Passage, for projects relating to our work:

The Passage is recruiting for two new roles: Faith Groups Coordinator and a Street Outreach Worker

The Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG) recognises the positive role Faith based organisations play in preventing and tackling homelessness and believes more could be done to further effective partnership working between Faith group providers and local authorities in this work. CLG, working in conjunction with Southwark Council, have therefore commissioned The Passage (a faith based provider of day and residential services to homeless people) to explore what positive steps could be taken towards this aim and have funding for one year for the two posts below.

A Faith Groups Coordinator (circa £40,000) – Fixed Term for 1 year
This post will work with statutory and voluntary Faith based groups, in particular day centres, to produce an action plan to assist greater partnership working in preventing and tackling homelessness, and also assist Housing Justice with their Winter Shelter programme and link in with the Olympics More than Gold initiative.
Candidates should have a proven track record of working at a strategic level with Faith based and statutory agencies in the delivery of day centre and accommodation provision for homeless people, experience and knowledge of ensuring the needs of homeless people are prioritised in the planning of events such as the Olympics, and experience of producing good practice guidelines ensuring the continuation and long term sustainability of initiatives at a grass root level.

A Street Outreach Worker (circa £25,000) – Fixed term for 1 year
This post will seek to support the work Housing Justice and Crisis are carrying out in further engaging street soup run providers to examine practical ways of working in partnership to best meet the needs of rough sleepers, building on recommendations made by the LSE in their independent research carried out into this area of work.
Candidates should have a proven track record of working with both voluntary Faith based and statutory agencies in providing street outreach services to homeless people, excellent communication and organisational skills, a willingness to work unsociable hours (including weekends) and be able to demonstrate a genuine solution focused approach to tasks.

Both posts will have a pan-London focus and potential candidates should email their CVs and cover letter to by 12 noon on the Wednesday 27th October 2010 outlining how they have the relevant skills and experience required for these posts.
Interviews will be held on the 3rd November 2010.

Friday, 15 October 2010

This is my church as well!

One angry man who had shouted very rudely was escorted out of the meeting by Deano, one of our regulars. Neither have ever been to any meeting at King's apart from the Feast. Deano dresses him down (in his very gruff voice) "don't you ever come in here and speak like that, don't you ever come into my church and shout at them!"

The angry man replied, "This is my church as well"

And I laughed!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Well the blog is back, with a fresh look and with a wider view!

There will still be much about the Jericho Road Project but it will include much more as well. I will still post on Life in Catford, Christmas Trees and include job opportunities. But there might be more of my reflections on other issues such as news, sport, music, triathlon.

Well what has happened since the last blog?

I am due to have a knee operation on the 15th November - no excuse not to blog after that as I will be on crutches for weeks. Despite my knee being weak I am trying to get out on the bike as often as I can - I am limited in my walking and running is not an option - because I can and I guess it's strengthening the knee before the op.

Also Caring Christmas Trees website has gone live - please get ready to buy a tree, tell your friends and consider volunteering on one of the distribution days.

I moved house, there's enough material for a seperate blog entry there!

Plenty of stories of the Feast - we have even produced a short video and when I master the technology I will post it on the blog. Whilst I can't bear my voice on the clip there are some great bits, Kenny's dancing, Delores asking "What do you want to know?" and Deano's passionate talk.

This week we helped a family from the Feast to begin to clear their flat - perhaps a seperate blog entry story.

The blog is back!