Thursday, 7 March 2013

Frogs, Referees and Ned Boulting

Thursday is not my normal day off.  Today has not been a normal day!  It began when I walked the dog to the local shop this morning and on the pavement at the corner of Verdant Lane was a couple of frogs in a rather intimate position.  The dog was fascinated.  So interested that later today she brought a dead frog into the house.  I'm really thankful it was dead!

One of my aims for the day was to get a referee for the Under 18s cup match that is taking place on Saturday.  I have recently become 'interim' manager - don't worry I have agreed to the title and won't be having a Rafa rant later in the season - and have needed to gather the lads and get things organised.  By this morning I had my squad but I needed a ref.  All those I directly contacted were not able to do it.  I even called in Twitter for help. 

On my travels today, I stopped at Sports Direct to pick up some linesman flags.  At the moment I picked the flags up in the shop, a man near me asked me if I was a referee.  I said "no, I'm a manager of a football club.  Are you a ref?" He replies "Yes".  It turns out he refs in the South London churches league that King's Church team play.  I had to keep checking if the conversation I was having was genuinely happening.  I phoned him this evening to confirm that he will referee Saturday's match!

And then, if my very un-normal day off could be any stranger - I drove past a runner today and immediately I thought that it was Ned Boulting - itv cycling & sporting presenter, with the wonderful, enviable job of working at the Tour de France.  After a quick internet search I discover that Ned indeed lives in Lewisham.  What a great place to live!

Just as I'm finishing this blog - guess whose voice has just made a contribution on the Spurs vs Inter match on itv3 - Ned is the touchline reporter!

Not a normal day off.

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