Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Requested by my Grandfather

By popular request; well my 94 year old grandfather has definitely requested this, my fingers are at work creating another blog.  Perhaps my recent hiatus from blogging has been because Twitter has taken over my attention.  Although interestingly, blogs remain available to see for a long time, much longer than Twitter which seems that each Tweet has a momentary lifespan. Unless of course it lands you in trouble!

But of all weeks to re-engage with the blogging world, this takes some beating.  Of course you can ask the Aussies what that feels like!  It appears we are living through the most glorious age of British sport - where ever you look there are world beaters from our shores - 2012 was remarkable but just this last weekend Alastair Brownlee, the British Lions, Dan Martin (cyclist born living in Birmingham, representing Ireland, winner of Sunday's Tour de France stage) and of course Andy Murray all dominated world sport!  Even the leader of the Tour is racing for our nation although at times I wonder if he would rather be recognised as African (he was born and raised in Kenya).

Even the weather is remarkable but it has been playing havoc with the Allen family's plans.  Let me explain, the last few weeks of this term have been as busy as Christmas - I know, I know we chose to have 4 children!! International nights, awards night, 4 different sports day, picnics, bbq's and not one of them has been cancelled because of bad weather!  We also spent the week with 11 people staying at our house, the 6 of us, our lodger Katie, a German girl staying for 5 weeks, my sister Catherine, her boyfriend Steve (an Aussie, get in there!) and his cousin Connor (another Aussie, bring on the Ashes!). Add in the dog and we have been a happy dozen.

But Sunday was a memorable day, Not only was it one of the great British sporting days, it was also my grandmother's 98th birthday and it was a fabulous day to be at King's Church. Now if Church does what it was designed to be; it will be full of life, growing numerically and lives being changed positively. Sadly much of what is reported about churches is the opposite!  But on Sunday King's had a massive picnic at Ladywell arena in the afternoon, huge numbers of people at the services with a good number of people publicly responding to become Christians, there were baptisms and lots of new people!  I love my job and days like Sunday are a real joy!  

My grandfather and my grandmother have lived through more than one British male winner of Wimbledon, I wonder if I will!

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